1-to-1 Consulting

Want more in-depth help from our Mentors? Here's how we can work together:

Dan Morris

Dan ran sales at Brafton and helped them hit $11m revenue in under four years from founding. Then, he built ContentLEAD as CEO to multimillion revenue and 60 people in under 2 years. He now runs Mindracer Consulting where he works with B2B CEO's to help remove themselves from day to day selling, and grow their sales team.

Free Consultation
If you run a $500k+ agency, Dan will walk you through a quick assessment to ensure you are using the right sales process for your business, ensure you are getting in front of the right buyer, with the right product or service, and then advise on potential next steps.
Anthony Tumbiolo

Anthony Tumbiolo founded Jakt, a digital product & innovation studio in 2012. Jakt was named to the Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies list. The company was acquired in 2019.

One-off 45 minute call and Recurring Monthly Calls
One-off calls can be great to help address a one-off problem, but recurring calls are better when you’re trying to achieve longer term goals. If you’re interested in working in a more in-depth capacity over a 6+ month period, contact me to discuss this option further.