Scalable Services Private Content

A backlog of our content that you can't find anywhere else -- previous questions, expert Q&As, Roundtables... Dozens of hours of content for you to dive deep on.

SBB Live Expert Q&A's

A recap of all Q&As with experts we brought in

SBB Live Roundtables

Revisit our Live Roundtables where membees share challenges they're facing and get immediate feedback from the group.

History of questions and answers from Slack

12+ months of questions for you to revisit

Dissecting Your Agency

Breaking down how your agency works and how it will evolve over time as it grows and scales.

Jakt Org Chart Evolution Over Time

How Anthony Tumbiolo's $4M/year agency evolved over the years.

Service Based Business System

How the various parts of a service business interact with each other (work in progress)

SBB Live Q&As

All recordings of past Q&As with experts covering all topics of running an agency

Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly Planning

This is how Jakt used to run planning broken down weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

Meeting Templates

The actual templates we used to run all planning sessions

Video Recap (Jakt 2019)

Video Recap we did after the 2019 yearly planning session about Jakt initiatives for that year

Video Explainer 2

Setting a yearly company vision and how to get there

Video Explainer 1

How to plan your business' year for success

Process / Workflow Creation

Building processes to run a more systemized agency.

Process / Workflow Creation

A detailed explainer on how to create workflows/document processes for your company


Snapshots of your performance when compared to your goals. PS. You can grab the most updated versions + templates + more detailed explainer videos at

Cash Collection Scorecard + Video Explainer

Revenue generated on a cash-basis.

Profit & Loss Targets + YTD Tracking

Profit and Loss statements + Video Explainer

Forecasting Financials Scorecard (work in progress):

Forecast PnL for upcoming months

New Business Scorecard

How your marketing + sales initiatives are performing


In addition to scorecards, use this document to keep an accurate pulse on your agency's finances.

Cost to Maintain to Ensure a Profit + Video Explainer

Play around with various revenue and expense numbers to see how they affect your profit

Legal: MSA + SOW

**[disclaimer] These are contract templates we use at Jakt. This is not legal advice. Please use at your own risk.**

Time & Materials SOWs

Template | SOW (Time & Materials) -- (attach this to the MSA)

Retainer SOWs

Template | SOW (Monthly Retainer) -- (attach this to the MSA)

Fixed Price SOWs

Template | SOW (Fixed Price) -- (attach this to the MSA)

MSA Template

Master Services Agreement (MSA) Template

Explainer Video

How and under what circumstances we used MSAa and SOWs

Legal: W2 and 1099 Contracts

**[disclaimer] These are contract templates we use at Jakt. This is not legal advice. Please use at your own risk.**

1099 I Exhibit C Confidentiality Agreement

Consultants sign this and Consulting Agreement

1099 I Consulting Agreement

Consultants sign this and Exhibit C

Confidential Separation Agreement and General Release

Template _ Confidential Separation Agreement and General Release

W2 I Notice of Termination

Template _ Notice of Termination

W2 I Offer Letter Template

Template | Jakt Offer Letter



W2 I Employment Agreement (w/ Bonus)

Full Time Employee Agreement with signing bonus

W2 I Employment Agreement (No Bonus)

No signing bonus: NDIAA

Legal: Referral Agreements

**[disclaimer] These are contract templates we use at Jakt. This is not legal advice. Please use at your own risk.**

Non-Mutual Referral Agreement

One company wants to refer clients or leads to another company for compensation. One-sided contract.

Mutual Referral Agreement

Allows both parties to refer work and receive compensation for the referrals.

Mission, Vision, Culture, Values

Building a company that can stand the test of time.

Vision, Purpose, Mission, Values

A few things to think about:

Core Values

Great video on how Twilio core values were created:

People: Hiring

Tools to help you bring in a great team.

Interview Scorecard

To evaluate each candidate after each round of interviews

Culture Interview

Process | Culture Interview + Article

2nd In person interview

Process | 2nd In Person Interview

1st In Person Interview

Process | 1st In Person Interview

Phone Screen Interview

Process | Phone Screen Interview

Hiring Process & Interviews

Interview process we used to source new talent

Job Description Template

To create a great job description that attracts the right talent.

Hiring Value Stream Mapping

A complete overview of the workflow from A-Z including stages, owners, and wait time

People: Onboarding, Performance Review, Firing

Tools to help you manage and evaluate your team.

Exit Interview (own accord)

Template for exit interview

Firing I Employee Exit Checklist

List of tasks for employees that are laid off / exiting

Performance Review Template (employees + managers)

Templates to be used during performance review meetings

Employee + Contractor Onboarding I Meetings Outline

Onboarding meetings outline (full time)

Employee + Contractor Onboarding I Email Templates

Email templates for onboarding full time and contractors

Employee + Contractor Onboarding I Task Checklist

New employee onboarding tasks (for full time and contractors)

A few tools to help your sales engine close more deals.

Proposal Template Video Explainer

Video walking you through the proposal template.

Proposal Template

Template + video walkthrough and real-life example used to close a 6 figure deal


Make the most of your marketing efforts.

Marketing Spend Analysis Template

Manage your marketing budget and analyze its performance.

Project Meeting Templates

Keep your meeting organized and structured so your team and your clients are efficient and up to date.

Weekly Status Update Template

Weekly check-in updates

General Meeting Template

Regular and periodic meetings

Kick-off Meeting Template

Kick-off meeting with your client

Internal Team Sync Prior to Kickoff

Internal within your agency before external kick-off


Other templates, docs, and tools across a variety of topics.

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

Books, videos, and podcasts that can change limiting beliefs

Software, Tools and Services Used to Run Jakt

This is what was used for Jakt ($4M/year), a NYC product design studio.

Book Recommendations

Books recommended by mentors and members in the community

Personal Finance

Personal finance budgeting for entrepreneurs